For Participants

Elevate participant comprehension

Q Consent™ keeps research participants engaged and informed. With Q Consent, participants can review consent forms and participant materials at home on their own devices and communicate with site staff during the study.

Easy to Use

Participants can be computer novices. Easily preview consent documents and ask questions from home. Simple sign-and-date logic makes signing consent forms trouble-free. Plus, Q Consent is device agnostic, meaning it can be used on a PC, tablet, or laptop at the participant’s home.

Better understand the research

Participants can ask questions electronically at any time. The research investigator or research staff will receive notifications of questions, which can be answered in person or electronically.

Higher retention

Q Consent enables site staff to send participant materials and consent forms electronically. Participants can review materials and come to their first visit ready for the consent conversation. As the study moves forward, staff can continue to easily communicate with participants.

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