Why We Created Q Consent

Designed with you in mind

Quorum identified a need to build electronic informed consent fit for the 21st century. We responded with Q Consent™: a revolutionary, cloud-based solution that does what no other eConsent product offers. It turns the current market perceptions—that eConsent is too slow and too expensive—upside down.

With Q Consent, we have taken great care to remove study startup hurdles by seamlessly integrating electronic consent and the IRB process. One example is the ability for sponsors to view study-wide metrics from all eConsent-enabled sites regardless of the IRB of record. What’s more, sites engage participants earlier and more meaningfully in the informed consent process while eliminating consent documentation errors.

Powered by Kinetiq

Kinetiq, the consulting and technology division of Quorum, moves you forward. Accelerating the pursuit of life sciences with innovative software and consulting solutions, Kinetiq inspires action, motion, and change—helping organizations protect and enhance the well-being of people.

IRB, regulatory, and technology experts from Quorum and Kinetiq collaborated to revolutionize human subject protection by setting a new standard in consenting with Q Consent.